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Spring Update 

The weather is warming and the grass is starting to green up, and outdoor spaces are beginning to open up to crowds that want live music. There's always a slow spell somewhere towards the end of the winter here in Charleston, where everyone is busy working out whatever new year's resolution they've made or mourning the end of football season. I'm always thankful when the self-improvement posts end and people start getting back to their normal selves. People are less stressed, less pressured, eager to have…

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2018 Forming/2019 So Far 

2018 was a great year of growth for us, culminating in the release of our Self-titled EP at the Home for the HoliDAZE festival.

We began as a duo of just Bob and me in November, and when Butch asked to join around December we needed a bass to anchor our sound. Butch wasn't a bass player by trade but picked up the rudiments quickly, and we were out playing shows as a trio with a little preparation. Something was definitely missing from our sound, but we still managed to piece together some great songs and…

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