1. Do My Thing
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Do My Thing

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First Single, released 2017


Well, I ain't got no money
And I ain't got no hope
And I ain't got no friends
And I ain't got no dope
And I ain't got no woman
And I ain't got no time
I'm just sitting home alone on a Saturday night
But I got my guitar
and I got me some beer
and I got me some books
But I ain't got no tears
For that woman she left me a long time ago
Got herself shacked up with some junkie mofo

I feel alright
I don't need no lovin tonight
So ahead and do your thing and I'll do mine
And I'll be fine

I ain't got no savior
and I ain't got no faith
Somebody took it from me and put dirt in my face
I ain't got no connection
and I ain't got no care
I am one man alone
I ain't no millionaire
They keep taking my money
They keep taking my time
Took my heart and hung it out on the end of a line
But they can't break my will
And they can't break my mind
And they take my spirit
Or change me inside